The benefits of being and owner

Owners get real insights into their horses

Owners get real insights into their horses

What do you get as an owner?

You will get up to date regular info on your horse, pictures and videos on the website.

First hand instructions of when we think the horse will win. Usually the night before the race.

All owners will get invites to the yard to have breakfast with the trainer and watch your horse work on the gallops.

Every time the horse runs, you will be offered owners badges to the race where you can stand in the parade ring, meet the jockey and hopefully sip champagne in the winner enclosure.

You get your percentage share of all prize money and your percentage when the horse sells. If it's a tidy profit you can buy into the next one!

Email us at anytime if you have questions and we will always respond quickly. If we buy a yearling, you also have a chance to name the horse!

Becoming an owner with approximate costs.

We generally like to sell shares as 10% or more but we always try and accommodate everyone so will sometimes split shares to 5%. Horse prices vary a lot but the rough ball park figure for a horse purchase is £18,000 plus VAT. Therefore a 10% share is £1,800 plus VAT

Training fees are pretty standard with all trainers and we have to allow for £2,500 a month per horse which covers Vets, blacksmith, jockey fees, entering the horse in races, training, insurance, food etc. Therefore you need to budget £250 a month for a 10% share which can be done on standing order. At the end of the year, if it has worked out less, you are refunded the difference.

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